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  1. Greetings champions, I would like to introduce you to INVICTA WOW. With currently only one realm INVICTUS which is Blizzlike 6x rate PVP oriented, we are featuring Modified Azeroth core(ex sunwell) with amazing content & events. Why INVICTA WOW? Whats so different about it? Its same 3.3.5a server as any other. True True. It`s same o story as always, but what I can tell you this is a Project from passion to WoW as a game, we are not looking to become famous or huge. We are looking to have fun and enjoy proper content without lag, bugs or losing our hours of gameplay due no backups or so. Our focus is on user experience while our players are online. there for we have made sure that what we are publishing live works. Just as example of our dedication towards good and proper user expirience we have tested our infrastructure and core with fake but active bots. Here is latency report: Features Characters Migration - Prove that you have Level 80 character via screenshoot on some other private server. You will be leveled up and teleported to our migration area where you can pickup your gear. Instances & dungeons are rewritten and available. Instead of us writing a list of working things, why dont you join and let us know what`s not working? We will fix it and enjoy the instance or dungeon together. Who doesnt like a good PVP Fight? Why wait after duel to heal/mana up? On our server its instant. Custom organized events by our game masters + Amazing rewards. 1vs1? Say no more, available TODAY. You prefer to level up? Gain gear and enjoy content? Sure go ahead. We will reward you on each milestone with some G & Items. Champions, once again you are hereby called upon to prove to world of Azeroth that you are true PVP champion. You can register TODAY here. We wish you good luck & fair and square gameplay. P.S. I would once again stress that this project is out of passion for WoW as game, we understand if you are already playing somewhere, or if you think we are losers/amateurs, thats fine. Skip this thread. We are looking to have fun with you and to enjoy it ourselves. Feel free to join

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