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  1. ayahne

    (paid) guild housing

    well, work in progress i will share here what i get for 30$. For 250e i gonna get 5 or more scripts free of bugs and with alot features in it.
  2. ayahne

    (paid) guild housing

    I will pay even more if someone make a good quality tool that i need. Waiting for offer 🙂
  3. ayahne

    (paid) guild housing

    Hello, i need features like in the video i send mostly the addon that show targeted object make able to target object with mouse click make able to sell the object then its back to your bag add gobject move arrows (you can take it from gomove)rolate up down etc something like on screen. Hope i will find someone Chichi3.3.5a LILI2.4.3#6076 <-- discord trinitycore 3.3.5a

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