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  1. Mods you can toss this read the OP wrong.
  2. You can also use the console to set the gm level. account set gmlevel <account> <level> <realm or -1> Account is not the database ID, it's the account name. So if I want account 3#1 to be gm level 3 on all servers, I'd use account set gmlevel 3#1 3 -1
  3. Cobra


    Thank you for the warm welcome!
  4. Thanks very much, I'll give it a try today. It's certainly a pity when when people toss out good work. I wish more people simply worked on DBs like back in the day, rather than 200 repacks and 20 different teams.
  5. I've been outta the scene for a couple of years so forgive me; but is there a go-to database for either legion or BfA? I'm guessing BfA is mostly sandbox since it's a recent release. But I see so many core/db teams out there, is there a standard for what a good DB is to use as for as most content?
  6. Cobra


    Nice to come across a community I wasn't aware of, and seemingly very nice. I haven't been in the emu scene in a few years and am out of touch, but ran a community for quite some time in the past. Hopefully I'll be as helpful as any help I might need. 😎

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