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  1. You take aggro? FIFTY DKP MINUS
  2. @CadenThe project is growing quite nicely, I am currently working on advertisements, and Ghost has been very helpful since we merged.
  3. Greeting Babylon. I understand the name is fairly ridiculous, however the name was chosen by the players, when I had to bring the server down originally due to some unforeseen circumstances, I asked the players to choose the next name and that was their choice. I do appreciate the feedback though.
  4. We were gone, and after some time and a (much needed) name change, we're back! We're in a groove now, and again we dedicate ourselves so that a 24/7 server uptime becomes possible. Whether you're a returning player from ages past, or new blood come to join the battle, Flannilla-WoW would like to extend our arm with an open hand and shake your hand in welcoming you. This is a progressive Vanilla server, currently at patch 1.8 "Dragons of Nightmare." We have scripted dungeons and raids. Game Masters are always around if you need them, and we're all quite serious about giving you a safe and fun server to play on. Professional staff, talented Developers, and great players like you make this magic a certain. Welcome to Flannilla. The server runs on the following rates: Questing = 10 Mob Grinding = 10 Reputation = 5 Gold = 5 Low-Level Kill = 5 We are a joint project with Wardonic WoW, which can be found using this discord.
  5. Heya All, Thought I might as well join this wagon. So I am Flannel/Sigh depending on what project I am working on.... Currently am HGM of a Small Server called Oblivion-WoW and in the works of developing on a Vanilla and TBC realm with a different small group. While I am still fairly new to the deving realm of wow emulation, iI am fairly quick at learning once I get walked thru it once or twice or have a guide to walk me thru it the first time. So yeah, I'm somewhat friends with a few of you here LOUD! and hope to make some more here! ~Flannel/Sigh the Insane~

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