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  1. Mightywow is a quality server utilizing talented developers to ensure the best fun experience around. The project aims to take advantage of Cata/Mop/Wod/Legion/Bfa models/maps, unique system content to become the new fun private server reference. We desire to offer a server with functional and balanced spells. http://mighty-wow.com Register today!
  2. Hey @ShinSo try change size of table like that: Regards Illunix
  3. Hello guys, I need help with my SmartAI script. Generally, I want my npc after taking the quest by the player said words and went his way through waypoints but he does not do this or this. Pint screen from Visual Database Editor 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr8p753lvhA&feature=youtu.be Help me guys, best regards Illunix
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