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  1. Hi I am looking for someone who can complete a working and stable 2.4.3 ascent/arcemu based emulator with full anticheat, antihack system. Also needs to fix the known exploits with WPE. This is going to be for a funserver which already has a well established community of 7 years. The players know all kinds of cheating ways and I want to eliminate them all. I am also going to be paying for future scripts if you can do this for me. Please PM me if you can do this and about how much this will cost to do. Our issues with the source for ascent and arcemu are the same. We want to eliminate item dupers, talent stackers, weapon stackers, and WPE pro users from being able to exploit. I also want a lot more but this is the first step, and than crash bugs will need eliminated and all BG's and Arena's will need to work. As well as Arena teams. I will want step two to concentrate on spells working properly and pvp system. If you can do this please PM me and let me know what's up. I need this ASAP.
  2. I do not know if the site indicated but I recommend it. the problem is based on the old core ascent 2.4.3 I have a server in custo online but there is a lot of cheat wpe damage me the core my objective here is to see how is the way to patch the wpe of the ascent or arcemu 2.4.3 using a custom patch if someone has the idea please an mp or write me [email protected]
  3. hi

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      Whale hello there! 

    2. pshamy


      you know something about arcemu 2.4.3 in c ++ script compilation

      If you know, I need your help

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