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  1. The user asked for a way to lock talents until a player reaches level 71. I assumed they meant locking them like they are currently locked for level 10. If the user just generally doesn't want players to have access to spending their talent points until they reach level 71, regardless of how it's done, Syke's solution works just fine.
  2. This is related to the talent point gains based on level rather than the actual unlocking of talent points. The method has since been restructured and now goes by the name void Player::InitTalentForLevel() Disabling the talent point gains per level should be as simple as changing the if statement here from 10 to 71, // talents base at level diff (talents = level - 9 but some can be used already) if (level < 10) However, removing the players ability to open the talent window until they hit level 71 will require client edits, somewhere in Interface\FrameXML\Constants.lua to be more precise, according to the interface files shared here https://github.com/tomrus88/BlizzardInterfaceCode/blob/master/Interface/FrameXML/Constants.lua#L207 (These are MOP+ interface files as they require level 15 in order to gain the first talent point.) Creating a custom patch containing an edited version of this file is fairly simple. Create a new MPQ archive, inside it, create a folder called FrameXML, which is located in a folder called Interface, and in it place the edited version of your Constants.lua file. Good luck.
  3. Loud

    (paid) guild housing

    You will definitely need to increase your budget for a system like this, $50 unfortunately won't cut it. Good luck nonetheless.
  4. Don't mind me, just testing out the new implementations!
  5. Or maybe this https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0266308/
  6. Definitely Survival/Hunger games in Minecraft.
  7. Re-watched 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) for the 4th time. Contemplating on re-watching interstellar later tonight.
  8. Loud

    Better Item Reloading

    Here's my take on it boys! Goodnight.
  9. Loud

    Better Item Reloading

    You're double checking if it != items.end() and your string will always have an additional comma at the end of it resulting in a crash.
  10. Loud

    Better Item Reloading

    I'll modify the query to include a WHERE entry in thank you for the suggestion!
  11. Loud

    Better Item Reloading

    Thanks for the constructive criticism, however, you either misread, misinterpreted or misunderstood the code in the main post. The sample code you posted in that pastebin reloads the entire item_template through the method located in the ObjectMgr and updates the cache for the players entire inventory. The code provided in the main post, loads and updates cache for only a selected amount of entries specified in the command argument, resulting in faster load time and cleaner cache updating, as we are not needlessly updating entries which haven't been modified.
  12. Hm, that must be it! On a side note, the system runs queries upon selecting, almost every, gossip option, so I wouldn't advise anyone to use it on a live server.
  13. Why is my housing script listed under broken? 😠

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