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  1. Finally, he is doing server reviews. It's a good reviews, very detailed and an interesting read, keep it up!
  2. Best of luck with your private server! I hope everything works out.
  3. Quite a strange name for such a nice project, looks very good! Keep up the good work, love to see more of this project.
  4. Now you don't deserve the premium anymore, just because you called us suckers... No, I'm just kidding, congratulations!
  5. I love listening to H.I.M, AC/DC, Van Halen etc... Absolutely love them! Never heard of Parkway Drive before, might look it up tonight or tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Who is that who has been lurking in the shadows? Oh wait, that was me. Edit: Most of the time I'm more a sarcastic type of person, which is hard to do with typing.
  7. Best of luck finding the right people! Haven't been in the WoW emulation community for quite some time so I have no idea if there are still 'good' people around. Think it might be getting harder each year, anyway, hope you find some people to work with!
  8. Always lovely to see active updates, the community is in good hands.
  9. Best of luck with The Lost Kingdom, hope verything is working out well!
  10. So thoughout the years here, which includes LordCraft ofcourse, I have seen many of the same type of genre posted here. I was thinking about shaking it up a little bit by posting some genre I personally love listening to. I'm also wondering if there are still people who share the same interest in these genres around here.
  11. I guess even for the basic features for such a tool, $ 50 won't cut it. Most in my country already ask for atleast € 250 which will be around $ 280, and then you only have the basics. What I'm trying to say is, if you really want such a tool you should do more research into the price range and therefore your budget.
  12. Unrecognized


    I'm sorry about the late response, but what I wanted to say... You probably won't just get the position if you haven't proven yourself, maybe start doing private server reviews, I always loved reading the ones from @EmD.
  13. Best of luck, for next time maybe make a poster/thread design to recruit people for your project. Seems to be the best way, make it a bit more attractive then a few lines of text on a default background. Just a small tip for the future.
  14. It has been many years since I have seen you, fun to see that your still into WoW emulation. Good luck on the private server!
  15. Even though I have been doing some things in WoW emulation myself quite a few years ago, I have never really understood how developers could get their hands on the latest expansions so quickly. Anyway, thank you for sharing, I'm sure many people will love to use it.

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