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  1. Let someone else run it.
  2. add like an arrow or something beside the user name to let people know lol!
  3. Messaged. Thanks for the interest in Ani-WoW
  4. Currently looking for a fellow web developer to help with website for Ani-WoW -- Will be creating a custom site from scratch to set us apart from other users. Will show progress upon request would like to keep it hush for the most part. Thanks! Add me on discord: Azayaka#4384 https://discord.gg/dUshTHA
  5. Doing my part to help keep information alive. AUTOMATIC REALM RE-STARTER Save as restart.bat @ECHO OFF CLS ECHO WOWSERVER Started %time:~0,5% %date:~1% :SERVERLOOP worldserver.exe ECHO WOWSERVER Restarted %time:~0,5% %date:~1% ECHO. GOTO SERVERLOOP :END Place in the same folder as your worldserver.exe THIS IS FOR WINDOWS Now, for Linux: #!/bin/bash while : do ./worldserver sleep 20 done "./worldserver" may need to be altered if you're going to place your worldserver restarter in a different location. Do NOT forget to save this as a shell(.sh)
  6. Hello everyone! Ani-WoW is currently seeking developers who are experienced in C++ or SQL(Both is awesome!) If you're interested in PvP and a great server to call home get in touch with an Administrator ASAP! https://discord.gg/rKH2r4Y
  7. I can appreciate what you're attempting to get accomplished, however, I would add more details in the thread. Don't make people come to you for information. When someone finally does come to you and they don't like what they hear you'll have wasted time explaining it to them in private when you could have explained in public to everyone that's going to read the thread. Good luck with this!
  8. Azayaka


    This is more of English forums, however, Welcome! If you need anything, feel free to send me a message and I'll try to get back to you asap! ======================== C'est plus de forums anglais, cependant, Bienvenue! Si vous avez besoin de quelque chose, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message et je vais essayer de revenir à vous dès que possible!
  9. Welcome! Sorry I'm late!
  10. Looks like the issue was resolved.
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