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  1. OMGhixD


    I appreciate that you guys are letting me know. Feel free to make that thread and I shall re-instate that pin. Even tho it was solely purchased by vipo I shall grant it to the re-brand considering it is yet the same project. Best Regards
  2. Thank you for sharing this collection of tutorials! //like
  3. OMGhixD


    Project appears to be discontinued or on a break. Will be unpinned for the time being. Should the project becomes active again. Feel free to reach out to me, and we shall restore the pin. Best Regards, OMGhixD
  4. == Latest Announcement == FusionGEN Development was started 6th of March in 2019. And only a month later, we have together been able to produce 100 Commits to this beloved CMS The CMS have received an amazing amount of work, It has been improved on many aspects. I'd like to thank each one of you for using, contributing, supporting and being a part of this. It is honestly heart-warming to see so many people come together to form such an amazing product. I'm a little speechless honestly Ending the announcement here, Gonna start to cry. Anyways, Thank you. Best Regards, OMGhixD
  5. Cataclysm Default Theme is now Available [FREE] Fullscreen: https://i.imgur.com/GOvjJ3U.jpg Mists of Pandaria Default Theme is now Available [FREE] Fullscreen: https://i.imgur.com/uBC0bUf.jpg
  6. Support and updating has been discontinued for this. Project was moved to a re branded version FusionGEN
  7. OMGhixD

    Twitch Kit

    The request(s) in this topic have been completed and the owner has been satisfied. Because of this, the topic has been closed and moved. If you have other requests, please open a new topic.
  8. Looks nice so far! Keep up the good work
  9. OMGhixD

    Twitch Kit

    Thank you for the constructive criticism and preview. requester has been given the PSD and may change it accordingly. i will take this and add it to my knowledge. Thanks!
  10. OMGhixD

    Twitch Kit

    I took a shot and tried. I've never enjoyed making Twitch related images. So apologizes if the creations are not up to your expectations. Logo (without background) Logo (with background) Profile Banner Panel Image Offline ?Banner? I've PM'd you the entire collection with PSDs for Panel, Offline Banner and The logo. - For next time. Please don't request more than one item. The regulations towards this service being free and available is that a user may only request One item at a time. Anyways, Hope you enjoy.
  11. OMGhixD

    wallpaper request

    This request has been left abandoned for a long period of time or has been requested to be closed by the thread's author.
  12. This request has been left abandoned for a long period of time or has been requested to be closed by the thread's author.
  13. OMGhixD

    AtieshCore 3.3.5

    Thank you for this share
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