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  1. Battle for Azeroth Default Theme is now Available [FREE] Fullscreen - Click me Download - https://discord.gg/hgZQHpA
  2. Warlords of Draenor Default Theme is now Available [FREE] Fullscreen - Click me Download - https://discord.gg/hgZQHpA
  3. OMGhixD


    Best of luck with your server.
  4. OMGhixD


    Hello and Welcome to MMO-Society! Should you have any questions, then please do not hesitate with contacting us at https://www.mmo-society.com/index.php?/help
  5. Hey, i happened to re-create the Zhyper-WoW/Pwnage Theme which they used before. This was re-created for the Server as it had recently reopened again. However they didn't want to use it. Thus i find it more useful to release instead of having it collect dust on my drive. Hope y'all enjoy! Preview: Click here to Download - More available on FusionGEN's Discord Server (invite link to below) Original Creator: Unknown Replicated/Coded by: OMGhixD Should you wish to join the FusionGEN Discord Community Server Feel free to click here for an invitation! Best Regards, OMGhixD
  6. Aye no doub't a win win situation for both parts.
  7. I've heard that the deal Mixer gave him was insanely good. Just so good that he couldn't say no in correlation to his current earnings on Twitch. On the other side he was also allowed to give his fans 2 months of free subscribement on Mixer. That in itself is a good deal. On the other hand he will MOST likely loose about 20-30% of his current viewer base. Not that he can't recover from that tho
  8. I've added new streamers at https://www.mmo-society.com/index.php?/streams Thank you so much @Babylon for all the suggestions!
  9. Maximilian_DOOD
  10. OMGhixD

    Pokimane's Stream

  11. OMGhixD

    Forsen's Stream

  12. OMGhixD

    Zerator's Stream


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