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    Do people still do reviews?
  2. server has made great progress hope to see some faces from mmo-society there
  3. https://discord.gg/Xk2adYW Looking for players to beta test a fully customized I80 Pvp/PvE server. We offer -Tons of quality of life updates -Real active economy -Custom scripted world bosses -Custom spells -Custom crafting system for gearing method -Automated looting scripts -Custom Enchanter script with custom enchants -Transmog NPC -Teleport NPC -Custom buffs, potions, and food -Balanced Pve/PvP -Open World FFA PvP -Customized Mining profession -Customized Skinning profession -Client-sided passive secondary attribute spells so that gear looks clean and not so full of stats -HD textures and models up to legion + -NO P2W MECHANICS -Donation benefits include; mounts, transmogs, pets, titles Account creation : https://nethermane.com/ *Note Accounts will not be reset with open beta access with exception of gold Any questions contact me on discord @ Molecules#5269 Some custom spells, starter gear, and set bonuses shown here https://imgur.com/a/7yhHcdb
  4. Im assuming your making a low rate or retail like server, hence the reason you are selling level 80. Here is my advise to you. Quit. Don't make a retail server and just make a random custom server until you understand how anything works. It is must more difficult to make a retail server where everything is working than a custom fun server. Also you could just sell an item to donors that spawns a creature that has a really high exp mod so it makes them instant level 80 if you can't get quests to work for one reason or another.
  5. SELECT id,username FROM ACCOUNT INSERT INTO `account_access` (`id`, `gmlevel`, `RealmID`) VALUES (ACCOUNTID, GMLEVEL, -1); or for example INSERT INTO `account_access` (`id`, `gmlevel`, `RealmID`) VALUES (1, 3, -1);
  6. So i am trying to make a gossip script that will be used as a teleporter but i am getting a bunch of the same errors. class "Player" has no member "ADD_GOSSIP_ITEM" identifier "GOSSIP_ICON_DOT" is undefined identifier "GOSSIP_SENDER_MAIN" is undefined Any suggestions ?
  7. Now im not 100% sure on this so I don't mean to flame, but i think i saw a promo video for this server, and it seemed to have the same load out of another server i used to play on that had the ability to buy custom spell tokens. Something along those lines.... I don't remember exactly. The point i'm trying to get across is that Its dishonest to claim unique when some of your systems, and the mall load out are a copy of another server. Like i said no flame i though that server was pretty nice. Your server doesn't look bad either "If i'm thinking of the correct promo video". But i don't know if one of my selling points would be uniqueness is all Edit: Astaroth was the server if i'm not mistaken
  8. I am looking for a somewhat experienced CPP dev that would be able to update/mod some existing scripts i have, and add some new ones. They are pretty simple common scripts, but i don't have them and i don't do much of that work. I normally stick to SQL DBC and SmartAI stuff. Simple things like officer chat, updating some old scripts, pocket teleporter, etc. I'm willing to pay if need be or we can sort something out. If interested DM on discord. Molecules#5269 . Thank you for your time
  9. this would be really nice. the current SQL requires quite a bit of modding to make it work in the current rev.
  10. no errors at all for that spell, i fixed my other spell issue but for some reason still cant make a copy of execute.
  11. So I made a custom version of the execute spell "47471" for a custom class I made, and for some reason, it won't do any damage not sure why. Here is the code: https://pastebin.com/3CW2s1FD The spells are identical except for Icon ID and Name. Anyone know what the issue is?

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