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  1. kvipka

    AtieshCore 3.3.5

    video fast install :
  2. kvipka

    AtieshCore 3.3.5

    Link on repack : here Link on files (dbc/maps/vmaps/mmaps/Cameras) : here
  3. upd: now using https
  4. heh, just clear aowow ofc.
  5. Hi guys! All you know, Openwow closed, and some projects need to do own database, or using already exist database from anothers guys (Competitors). And i opened free and neutral database for all guys : dbwotlk.com Database used 5 locales : enUS, esES, deDE, frFR, ruRU for implelent scripts in your web-site (forums and etc) : <script type="text/javascript" src="http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js"></script><script>var aowow_tooltips = { "colorlinks": true, "iconizelinks": true, "renamelinks": true }</script> also you can use selected lang in links ( just replace by this part code in previous) what you need : for eng lang http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=us for spanish http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=es for deutsch http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=de for français http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=fr for russian http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=ru I hope it will help you guys. The freshest database with all updates from TC
  6. sorry, new upd : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B95oF05riRW0dGJYemZmdzZKVEk/view?usp=sharing ____________________________ For a long time it was time to lay out a new repack with rustemu. A short info: The project for development lasts for more than a year, and it's impossible to list the work done, so it's only in the rough. * always actual core with merge with official TC (actual structure of database and etc) * priority of development in stability and game framework (classes/races abilities/talants) For example blink, shadowmeld, fire bomb, killiong spree and etc * improved work of LoS * improved movement generators : work with fear (not stucked, not blinked, not async with speed and et, work with confuse-generator (scatter-shot, polymorph) * crossfaction BG : - all possible races for each class - released work with chat (horde can't understand text from alliance (coded) , and doesn't matter original or fake race you have in this BG - released work with /wishper chat, player with fake-race can write in PM all players from this Team (for example your original team=alliance and on BG your fake-race Orc (Horde), you can talk with all ppl from your temp-team (orc, tauren and etc) Also you can write by /whisper anyone from your original faction . For example you playing with friend (by Horde), but on BG you registered as Alliance (you can talk with your friend by /w, but talking on BG by /s will not possible, he just can't understand you (will coded text). From PVE i idk what need to remember, but crusader champion are working... Anyway, just get you this repack,and if someone will use it, i will glad to see any comments and criticism A part of video from development features of core you can see on my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpC..._vj3FrAxO4EHGg ___________ In archive all nessesary files: Extracted files from 5 locales (enGB, deDE, ruRU, esES, frFR) - Cameras - dbc - vmaps - mmaps - maps also 3 sql files with prepared database - auth - characters - world ___________ Instalation and start For start you need redistributed libraries of C++ 2017 (better way to install full pack 2005, 2008 and etc...) for example from here Next prefere to download and install the last MySql server Copy from C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\lib file libmysql.dll in folder with server Prepare database : Create 3 databases : for auth, characters, world, and prefer to create 3 users with access for this databases Export in this databases this 3 prepared files : auth.sql, characters.sql, world.sql Renamed configs (and to do rates and etc, all you need ) from ***.conf.dist in ***.conf (don't forget to enabled vmaps + mmaps) mmap.enablePathFinding = 1 vmap.enableLOS = 1 vmap.enableHeight = 1 vmap.enableIndoorCheck = 1 DetectPosCollision = 1 start and play ___________ p.s. in database prepared 2 game accounts : admin 123456 test 123456 both with admin access ______ Revision : 28482
  7. what the hell? you are merging it with yekta-cms? https://github.com/Dawnbrightsu/FusionCMS/commit/27593e128814c57d2217d0641a59513abe37b10a#diff-e0b13013dd5cff8765a012aa6a0ee475R61
  8. Update: REv2 now in public. Any information on rustemu.org
  9. * Implement Blink v4 for REv2 (read more)blink in abyssblink by path ( rechecking each step )where player can walk - blink will available thereimplemented check on dynamic objects (locked doors and etc)implemented total path of blink. video* implement Master Call (read more)* pet should moving at player* in melee distance cast spell (for remove root-effects)* after cast will going at his (pet, not player) targetvideo* implement Spell Dancing Rune Weapon (read more)* copy 50% of melee damage* special abilities damagevideo* fixed Core/Spell: Titan Grip Penalty (warrior) * fixed Steady Shot damage (hunter)* fixed Shadowmeld (night elf)* fixed Fix drop stealth by Slice and Dice (rogue)* fixed Living bomb (Fixed check on AOE for all nearest targets, when cast explosion) (mage)* fixed Pets and LoS - available to use spells of pets on target in LoS or Out of Rangevery important changes:Fear effect (priest/warlock/warrior) :* fixed Movement Fear visual bug Confuse effect (polymorph, blind, scatter shot (right movement position and right orientation bug)):before : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJe24fYTgkwafter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dmc9-Nsrys* Fix npc drop under texture. (fixed Collision check in Target Movement Generator)(Try to check this place on your server!)It's from big changes, other commits you can see web-site___________________________ In-Game Accounts : admin 123456; test 123456___________________________Visual C++ Redistributable2015 (need 64 and 86)
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