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  1. Greetings, I need a most fixed database for 4.3.4 (I prefer TC) BTW I already tried the trinity-legacy and wow-source but I want better one
  2. Greetings, Since Trinitycore 4.3.4 is not getting supported like the other versions it's a little bit hard to get an stable and fixed database for it. Is there anyone to link such database?
  3. The issue is solved, you can close the topic.
  4. Alright but still the question is the same. If I create a normal npc this will be visible even before the event. So I guess first I have to make it invisible but I don't know how...
  5. Alright then. If the npc will be changed to visible at start of the event, then how can I change it to invisible by default to stay invisible before the event?
  6. So the NPC should not be added manually before the event, right? I mean whenever the event started the NPC will be spawned or status of the existing NPC will be changed to visible?
  7. O_o Read the question again... Yes, I could made it invisible myself using commands. "How can I make an NPC visible/available JUST in game events?" - Which means I want that NPC to get visible status at start of the event and invisible status at end of the event itself. PS: I guess this should be possible using "game_event_creature" table, I just don't know how.
  8. Hello, I just want to ask how can I make an NPC visible/available JUST in game events? (for example in midsummer festival event)
  9. Hello, I have two questions about DB version. 1. I have some tables from world DB (3.3.5a) how can I see the TDB version? 2. In my TDB 60 and in quest_template table I have 'QuestType' field but on the other unknown version DB It's 'Method' field (I think). now how can make sure if 'QuestType' is working like 'Method' and how can I understand it about the other fields and other tables?
  10. Hello How can i fix some quests in my server if they are marked like this on NPC: (I didn't take this quest. But I shows i have the quest an I can't take the quest)
  11. It's a random core that I got it in the internet What kind of team is working on 4.3.4? The problem is SQL side? or core side?
  12. @syphex Here is the achievement wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5870/fireside-chat It's on TC 4.3.4 @Jiinx Multiples NPCs. better to say all NPCs. It's not a 6.X.X core, It's 4.3.4.
  13. After talking with NPCs for this achievement, they don't give me the credit for the Achievement. It's TC. How it can be fixed?
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