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  1. thanks for the reply Darksoke currently checking all the custom scripts
  2. i got a question, i have modified my core so when you die ingame you respawn above youré corpse. but when you press revive my walk speed is so slow it gets default setted to walkspeed 0.1. if you are still a ghost the movement speed is just fine. if you do a relog its gone. can somone tell me how to fix this issue? i am using compile trinity&Eluna core
  3. Hope you will create our video join our disscord and give it a try
  4. Goodmorning Lordcraft community I am looking for a person that can create a trailer or a video about our new Server / fun realm. feel free to send me an pm or join our https://discord.gg/g87JkR to discuss and such. little bit information about the realm. its an instant 255 realm with custom tiers over 16 sets for each class. inside of battle grounds are vendors with temp gear for players that dont have end game gear to balance it. custom world bosses + custom raids + custom instances. worldchat. crossfaction battlegrounds. High stats items over millions HP.
  5. i know cascade dont use a repack. but kripton doesnt have any source related to that --- i will take a look on my hard drive and release the old repack of cascade if i can find it
  6. i tough it was a old repack of epixwow they use
  7. they use a old repack and dont have the source
  8. really like those header pictures
  9. Hello i am the co-owner of JusticarWoW/Cryptic-wow. i decide to release the repack Based on unforgivenwow what we have revamped/modded it allot. Dont care about the Flamers just release this for the people who love custom Fun realms. have fixed allot of issues with the database/core issues that made the server crash, We stopped with our Fun Realm, This core is self-compiled and has alot of features in it. and allot new fixes Custom Patch, custom login screens, custom races, events, quests, customized fusioncms theme Based on Froustmourne. Spells and talents are working: Death Knight most spells and talents are working. Druid most spells and talents are working. Hunter most spells and talents are working. Mage most spells and talents are working. Paladin most spells and talents are working. Priest most spells and talents are working. Rogue most spells and talents are working. Shaman most spells and talents are working. Warlock most spells and talents are working. Warrior most spells and talents are working. Battlegrounds: Random Battlegrounds working. Warsong Gulch is working. Arathi Basin is working. Eye of the Storm is working. Alterac Valley is working. Arenas: Blade's Edge Arena working. Nagrand Arena is working. Ruins of Lordaeron is working. The Ring of Valor is working. The Dalaran Arena is working Realm Information - Custom Patch- - Level 255 - - Over 40M HP - - World chat - - Teleporter - - pocket Teleporter - - Bounty hunter - - VIP system - - VIP Commands - - Starters gear - - Upgrade able gear sets - - Custom instances - - 99% Spells working (BALANCED) - - Over 5000 custom items - - Over 1000 custom quests - - Minigames, { Such as Zombie deathmatch } - - Custom Spells - - Custom Instances and battlegrounds - - Transmogrification - - Reforgin - - Duel Gambling Area - - Flying mounts in Azeroth - - Professionaly developed - - Has 10 events which are soloable - - Custom battleground - - Custom World Bosses/Bosses - - (New races: Goblin & Naga & Broken & Vykryl ) - - New zones - All race-class combinations - - Several custom malls - - Arena & PvP gear - - Vote rewards - - Donation rewards - - and much more ! - Chance-log *************************************************** Fixed Vmaps errors Fixed login announcer and save system Fixed anticheat system reduced error log from 600kb to 400kb Added Starters gear for each Characters *************************************************** INSTANCES /RAIDS ADDED Level 255 Buffed VOA Buffed Gundrak Corected Mobs health in Raids Changed start locations Created Custom teleporter for custom level instances added 4 leveling instances fixed 2 scripts that made the server crash added icons to teleporters revive at corpse fixed:) Who list for level 255 fixed added vip mall new vip commands added new world bosses and teleport locations added custom instancesfixed teleporter Worldchat System Fixed /o to talk in worldchat *************************************************** made custom table for vip_morphs Added new vip commands added custom instance more teleporter locations has been added added more items and revamped them change quests and added more buffed battlegrounds. custom quests in battle grounds changed hp stats NPC's Download Section Custom Theme Based on Frostmourne By watzz edited by me : https://mega.nz/#!oUlQkCjZ!PFg3YjPveCrEG2j6BzTT4bju_-cC5Z4BmDwjdJ28KIU Core + Source Cryptic-wow Repack Wow.exe Patch-C Druid C fix Customzed Site based on Frostmourne. credits to wattz. Login screen Starters area Teleporter Dungeon teleporter Pve teleporter Non-pvp mall Neutral Mall World bosses Custom instance
  10. I will open soon the nee server builded on my justicar server with many fixes stable core and a new concept !
  11. Yeah it wasnt actully a fix but there was a issue with max players in battleground
  12. I currently fixed the old source from my old project justicar. Fixed vmaps issue Fixed more error reduce the error log. Updated some scripts No server crashes anymore. I will going to try expand and add more customs into it regards cliffsmits

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