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  1. Bump! Promotion is still active.. Naxxramas 10 Obsidian Sanctum 10 Vaults of Archavon 10 now released, Happy Raiding!
  2. Tonight at 20:00 Server Time (GMT +0 London) We will be hosting a Raid on Naxxramas on the realm to give our players a taster of the Upcoming release of Naxxramas upon reaching 20 Active players. We have our Instant 80, Heroic PvE Dungeon Gear promotion still active, Take part now while you can, and Dive right into the fight against Kel'Thuzzad!
  3. Correct, Unfortunately blizzard only added Mailboxes at starting areas in Cataclysm. And I'm sorry to hear nobody was online to answer your ticket, Once you are next online Please do make sure to make a ticket or contact me on skype (runic-wow) and I will handle your ticket personally. Here at runic we want our players to have the best customer service possible.
  4. Thank You, We still have our i80 Realm, But currently at this time we had this Custom Expansion in the works before we started making Runic-WoW, Sadly as we had to switch our main focus over to the i80 it was just sitting there un-populated and decided to switch our focus back onto Blizzlike and work on the custom xpac. Thank you :)
  5. Bump! get a free level 80 with Dungeon Gear! Be ready to raid! Join today!
  6. Bump, join today and get a free level 80 with Dungeon Gear! Be ready to raid!
  7. Thanks buddy! RaF Rewards available for you if you recruit 3 players! Don't miss out on x21 XP Rate and the glorius rewards that come with it!
  8. Eventually I will be implementing the XP Rate changer, This allows people to set their own rates between x1, x5 and x10. Bump! RaF is now enabled. Gain the following rewards X-43 Touring Rocket for you and your friend Triple XP while leveling Cold Weather flying tome for you both to use at 77! Only available for a limited time to boost population. Upon reaching 50 Players I will also be releasing the First half of Naxxramas for our level 80s.
  9. More fixes added and Forums now changed to IPB! Join us now at www.runic-wow.com and receive your level 70 boost!

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