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  1. I wouldn't recommend using it on anything that's got an outside connection, but it's surely a good script, instead of using a program / tool, this is way easier to set up for some people. If you have such an SQL file, it's too bad, it will execute it, can't do anything about it, but as i said in the main post, use the updates that comes along with the world table when compiling your TrinityCore. It's an easier way to execute all of the files, in one single go. - Sorry for late reply, didn't see you commenting.
  2. OooOff The new post feed was good, just missing that click function ruined it for me, and i assume others 😕
  3. Hello, i think there's several issues with the new theme. Also a new plugin or whatever it is for the posts sidebar. - Recommendation, in Firefox (Can't say for Chrome since it's +1 year ago i've used it last.) the developer / inspection mode is very handy in designing stuff. When you see something you wanna change, you can right click it, and press inspect. Now most people know this. But inside firefox you can actually edit the CSS too live, side-by-side with HTML. The exact file is shown(Keep in mind the file in the picture is a cached file, i assume the original is custom.css or something similar.), along with classes, tags and ids. You can then edit the color code live and see how it affects the site. I recommend doing this when designing for IPS, it's a great tool and it allows you to see your changes in an instant without affecting the whole site. Maybe even write down in a notepad descriping how,when,where you want to change. When you find the classes in the inspect menu, you can go into themes under IPS and find the file, then use CTRL + F to search for the exact class you want to change. OR simply at the very bottom of your CSS file, include !important inside of your CSS to overwrite. [Example] .ipsReact_reactCount { color:#333 !important; } Let's start with the theme; Reactions needs a different color for the number(count) of reactions given. Currently it blends in. I'd like to suggest using #333, looks very neat. Again the background at the very top, there needs to be something, or atleast the menu put all the way down to where the content starts, and have the menu to have actual buttons instead of being transparent. - THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE, I CAN'T KEEP LOOKING AT HOW IT LOOKS NOW, IT HURTS MAH EYES. Here you can see a before, and after edit of what i've personally done to it; before After Now i know it doesn't look good, but i personally think that, if you overwrite it with a padding:10px; and remove the under-menu, by not having padding-bottom:41px; then it could actually look great. IN MY OPINION. I cannot stand the gap there is currently between the menu and the content. Also, when you'd remove the under-menu, simply insert those links to the "profile-menu", such as Store Balance etc. could fit perfectly up there without confusion. Please consider this. Now this plugin i was talking about; I cannot click the pips, it degrades the plugin's functionality by 95%. Before i could browse top 5 posts or whatever, but now i can't without having to sit through it sliding by it's own. - I don't have anything else for now, but i will look over the site a few more times to find more. ALSO! @OMGhixD can we have this as a Mega thread for the current theme? I know it's prolly asking a lot, but it would all-in-all look better on the suggestions page if there was a mega thread.
  4. Babylon

    Help for Php !

    I know right, it's too bad, almost at the point where you have to mentally prepare for the headache that's coming lol.. It has heckin' 464 lines of code Look i can do it, but if @darksoke is going to, then i don't see the point in wasting time on it.
  5. Babylon

    Help for Php !

    If you copy/pasted the sourcecode here, i could add your request on top of it. I'm not really interested in downloading it.
  6. Babylon

    I need this CMS ?

    https://profil.dietata.com Doesn't look like it's wordpress at all. CMS unknown, as of what i could find. Perhaps custom coded. https://bg.lazarangelov.diet Seems to run similar CMS to the other once, perhaps custom coded too. At the very bottom, which is called footer, there's a section called "Developed By" And there you can find a link to the creator; https://appsforfit.com/ I'd suggest contacting them about said design and CMS. You could also get someone to code this for you, but i doubt many here will for free. After a deeper look, i could find out the framework, is Laravel.
  7. Wouldn't that require a compile and C++ script? From the looks of it, the OP is not too experienced. And then again, what if the donator later on becomes a donator, and said item is removed?
  8. I've spent quite a significant amount of time creating quests. I'm pretty sure, that you use a multiplier and not a "specific" amount of XP when creating the quest. Crank the multiplier up to a high value, such as 2048. You can read about the RewardXPDifficulty here; https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130261/quest+template#quest_template-RewardXPDifficulty ^Found through a simple google search. If i were you, i would TRY my way through. The default value is 0 so that's your starting point. Then try whatever comes to mind, such as 1, then 2 and so on..... Hope i could help you in one way or another.
  9. Hello everyone, i hope you're having a great day! I've recently found nostalgia and love for my old childhood game; OldSchool RuneScape / 2007Scape. I'd like to suggest a small forum here on MMO-Society for the OSRS players, i for one would post a few guides/tutorials and tips/tricks on the topic. With the release of a Mobile version October 30th, i think it's very relevant to bring this to MMO-Society, it has brung a ton of new players to OSRS and it's player base is now bigger than ever. Member servers being around 900 at 17PM Copenhagen timezone, and it's all in all just a relaxing game to have on the side. There's also private servers for OSRS, which is being emulated. This could also be a part of our community. https://topg.org/Runescape/type/Old-School/ https://forum.moparscape.org/downloads/49/2006redone-release-highly-accurate-runescape-2006-remake/681580/ (^RS2 Repack^) With forum structure i'd like to suggest the following if approved; MMO Corner -> Oldschool RuneScape (Main category / General forum) -> Private Servers (General forum ONLY RELATED TOPICS TO PRIVATE SERVERS HERE.) -> More forums under this sub-category such as (Server Files) -> Tips & Tricks (Tutorials go under this section) -> Skilling (Skilling guides & questions here) -> Questing -> Combat -> MiniGames -> Money-Making -> Lore (Discussion related to the Lore of OSRS) I believe this has community-growth potential and very relevant to MMO-Society. Thank you for listening, peace.
  10. This represents the round of emotions i felt when i saw this update.
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