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  1. Babylon


    Welcome to the boards!
  2. I'd like to hear you guy's opinion on this, and perhaps what you estimate the contract is worth? I'd say $10-30m ATLEAST.
  3. More sections! (Please add variety and put streamers like Sodapoppin) WoW: EsfandTV venruki Payo Crendor Madseasonshow (Yes, he recently started streaming, best for just relaxation and chill. Big love ) Sonydigital Cdewx - These are mostly the classic squad. Overwatch: (PLEASE ADD) xQc Pokelawls (I think he still plays not sure.) Aimbotcalvin Mendokusaii Harbleu Custa PubG: chocoTaco break jennajulien anthony_kongphan Variety: Lirik Sodapoppin Summit1G Zerator Forsen Pokimane Maximilian_DOOD
  4. Babylon

    Update 30.07.2019

    Looks very good, just got online, can't see it anymore, so i guess you've found a solution! Seems like you've disabled it all together, i'd like to propose my idea; @media only screen and (max-width: 708px) { #ipsLayout_menuside { overflow-y:scroll !important; } } This only works, if the screen size is at a max of 708px and everything below. This enables the scrollbar if the menu can't be seen 100%, the 708px i've chosen is a rough estimate, i basically screenshot the sidebar and show how high it was from top to the last menu item. Lel. Basically, adds functionality for people with smaller screens still! - You ofcourse disable the overflow-y all together in the other script, then this will enable only IF the screen is below the 708px
  5. Very interesting idea indeed. But as @Luka mentioned there's a few issues with this. I won't mention anything that he has but i do agree with him, i don't think it's viable to do this kind of project, especially not if you're a one man team. I'd also assume you'd have to manipulate with the game client itself too, which would require more work, and also enable, energy, mana, rage and so on for all classes. To even improve on this, only enable energy etc, once the user has a spell that requires said power. However, if everyone has defined spells that are unlockable and all are the very same ones, and the only difference you'd make is the talents, this could work very well and be way easier to make. However balancing is still gonna play a huge role, and everyone would basically play the same build. Would get quite boring after a while. Great idea though, keep it up.
  6. Babylon

    Update 30.07.2019

    At the very bottom (overflow-y:none;), however if you disable it completely, smaller displays may suffer if they can't scroll down to the bottom of the menu, test if this is true before you execute (F12, also allows you to switch screen sizes, some may require the scrolling, i have no idea, but you'll see what i mean)
  7. Babylon

    Update 30.07.2019

    Sadly on Firefox we have to live with the scrollbar. #JustFirefoxIssuesLMAO
  8. This is so goddamn beautiful. Looking real good!
  9. Babylon


  10. Everything looks good apart from one mistake on your website; https://i.gyazo.com/eccfbd8c5e517427fc60e363390aa7b6.mp4 Easy fix. I see you're very into the whole design kinda thing, everything looks very slick and cool. The only thing i'd critique is your website as a whole, doesn't really fit with all the other designs your doing. Other than that, goodluck with your server and i will most likely head by it soon. Looks very good! More in-depth of what i mean; Right side bar needs another font, the current font doesn't fit the scheme you're running otherwise. Having the "WoW" cursor is so 2006, normal/default cursor is more "in" so to say. The current sidebar menu doesn't catch your eye immediately either, i'd suggest having a menu above the content/slider. Logo doesn't redirect you to homepage either, this is so common on other websites that it's nearly a must these days. Forums aren't inherited with the design. - Having a forum also isn't required these days, as Discord is basically a forum. I'd rather encourage people to join it, rather than having a forum hosted, and taking up resources. While having a Discord server, is free. The things i've just mentioned are minor, but to some extent/degree big. Design flaws with your website can have a huge negative impact on the playerbase, and/or the individual player. Good luck. 😃
  11. Good luck with your search! Would be nice with some information about the realm.

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