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  1. The Barrens Chat inspired theme Icecrown is the perfect style for your PHPBB gaming forum. Our custom control panel will allow you to control the look of your design without having to change any code. You can upload your own custom logo, header background, favicon, add your twitter profile, change some of our custom text and more! We've also included videos to guide you through the installation process. Oh, and all future updates will be completely free. You can contact us through Skype for more information. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO SEE MORE IMAGES FOR PURCHASES ON SKYPE or copy emdlordcraft to make sure you are contacting the original seller. LIVE DEMO COMING SOON.
  2. How and when did this get almost 7K views?!
  3. Bump! The theme has been updated with the latest fixes. It's also fully compatible with the latest version of phpBB. For purchases on Skype: emdlordcraft
  4. EmD

    Scam report: EmD

    I don't believe you. You said that the theme was purchased 1 month ago. There is no way you would forget your Skype username, but okay I'll give you another option: PM me the email of the Paypal account you used for the purchase or the transaction ID. You should know that at least.
  5. EmD

    Scam report: EmD

    Hello, You should add the reason why I didn't give you the theme. You contacted me and I said that in order for me to give you the theme again you should provide me your License Code that was in the theme files and you said that you can't give it, because it was accidentally deleted. I asked you to give me the Skype username you used to purchase the theme since I've never sold the theme to your current Skype username, thus I can't know whether you purchased the theme or someone just gave it to you and now you are trying to receive the latest version for free. You refused to give me that information and just blocked me. Let me know the username of the Skype account that you used to purchase the theme and I will gladly send it to you. Send me a message here or add me again on Skype. You should know your original Skype account since you are saying that you purchased the theme 1 month ago. Most likely someone just gave you an old version of the theme and now you are trying to get the newer one for free.
  6. Bump! Style has been updated and now it works with the new chatbox.
  7. Bump! The style has been updated with the latest fixes.
  8. Bump! More issues have been fixed. Make sure to update the style version!
  9. Some issues with rank colors can't be solved because the CSS is inline. Shouldn't be a big problem though. Here is an example.
  10. Thank you all. The style has been updated with the latest fixes. Please use the new link to download it again.
  11. I created a dark variant of the Lordcraft theme, using the Stylish addon. More screenshots available here. How To Install 1. Download Stylish ( Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox ) 2. Install the Style ( Stylish Database ) Important The style will NOT work if you are using the "Lordcraft 2018 Darkmode" theme. Please switch to the default white theme, before activating my style. This is the first release, so most likely you will encounter some issues with it. Just let me know if you find any and I will do my best to fix them.

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