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  1. I'll check these configurations over and post the results.
  2. No errors. For Legion you need a normal account and a battlenet account in order to login in-game. The account registration page on Fusion simply isn't making nor linking the account to a battlenet account. without the battlenet account being linked/created users can't login.
  3. ISSUE: Accounts that are made via the site aren't being linked/created with a battlenet account so technically you can make a account but you can't log in-game with it. Solution?
  4. You are better off using Rochet2's Multi-vendor C++ script for anything multi-vendor related, using gossip menu's is extremely unreliable. http://rochet2.github.io/Multivendor.html Simply apply the diff via Git Bash, run cmake, compile, instructions are given via his website.
  5. I've already got the game however i'll like to good luck to everyone who entered
  6. Monlife


    Remove #include "ScriptPCH.h"
  7. I vouch for his trust, he's a respected member of many forums and is guaranteed trustworthy
  8. I'm afraid you can't apply this to a repack as it requires the Eluna Engine added to the core. https://github.com/ElunaLuaEngine/Eluna
  9. I'm gonna check it out see whats changed
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