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  1. darksoke

    Help for Php !

    how am i supposed to know what you need if you can't provide simple information like, if you already have a website, what CMS are you using cause damn i did understood what you want but it does seem you can't give some vital information, it won't be cheap doe
  2. darksoke

    Help for Php !

    Holly crap man WHERE IN THE NAME OF GOD YOU WANT THOSE TO BE IMPLEMENTED ? Do you want them as a static website ? do you want to link them with your current website ? Do you want to use them instead of a website ? Or what the hell you want to do with them ....?
  3. darksoke

    Help for Php !

    holly mother of god, where do you want those to be implemented ? do you already have a website and want to merge those 2 systems ? do you want those instead of a website omg what is that hard to provide this most important information ?
  4. darksoke

    Help for Php !

    that is so poorly codded i wanna cry ... but stil my question is where do you want those to be implemented ?
  5. darksoke

    Help for Php !

    Add where ? What CMS are you using ?
  6. I'm here from time to time but i just stay silent because there are not many topics where i can reply
  7. i'd rather see no background. just add a border to menu and i've gotta say it's perfect
  8. That is very very nvm EXTREMELY insecure to use in a public website. You must check the contents of the file and split and prepare the queries before execution. what if in one of the files I have a query, TRUNCATE TABLE `whatever`; or DROP DATABASE; ?
  9. darksoke

    Aura Pet!

    find the creature in creature_template and under spell1, spell2, spell3 ...... put 40851 in one of that columns
  10. have you ever edited a DBC file ? If not you better find a tutorial and then you'll be able to understand what previously said. there are plenty tutorials you just need to google search
  11. in Spell.dbc you can find the spell that specific gem use by checking GemProperties.dbc
  12. yeah sorry i realized i was missing a -1 because size = end not end + 1 and the loop breaks before reaching end due to it != .end() it's 2am fml i was just trying to help
  13. for (std::vector<uint32>::iterator it = items.begin(); it != items.end(); it++) { // append the item to string // we append the element before appending the comma _items << *it; // if iterator is not the last item in the list will append a comma after it // items = {19019, 19011, 19021} // vector.size() == vector.end() == 3 meaning we have 3 elements and iteration start with 0 // it == 0 => in (19019, // it == 1 => in (19019,19011, // it == 2 == vector.end() => in (19019,19011,19021 at this point _items << ","; does not pass the iff statement because it == vector.end() atention it != *it // it = position // *it = element if (it != items.end() - 1) _items << ","; // the logic is we keep appending commas until the iterator is equal to the last index } Here's the whole explained method EDIT: Nvm i forgot a -1 😕 // you can change to if (it != items.end() - 1) however as i stated in comments is not safe to use this method
  14. https://gist.github.com/mmlTools/35eb6b7dfd161125fecd54875991a789 done it already, i wanted to make a pull request but i can seem to be able to
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