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  1. Hi, I'm interested in a 100% functional warcrycms copy, would you have one?

  2. Contact me via PM, testing is possible! SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY -------------------------------------------- - This source comes with a , database, and data (vmaps, mmaps, dbc, maps etc) and client. Contact me via PM, testing is possible! - Mists Of Pandaria, Patch 5.4.8 - - Source is based on JadeCore - Working Battlegrounds and Arena's - - Working Quests, Dungeons and Raids - - Monk class working, pandaren race working - - Dungeon finder / bg finder works - - Stable, no crashes - -vehicles work -pathing etc Raids [*]Mogu'Shan Vaults working 100% 6/6 [*]Terrace of Endless Springs working 100% 4/4 [*]Throne of Thunder working 5/12 bosses [*]Heart Of Fear working [*]Siege Of Orgrimmar working fallen protectors, hellscream, immersius, sha of pride Dungeons Gate Setting Sun - Fully working 100% Mogushan Palace - Fully working 100% Shadopan Monastery - Fully working 100% Siege Niuzao Temple - Fully working 100% Stormstout Brewery - Fully working 100% Temple of Jade Serpent - Fully working 100% Repack: $50 Source:$200 skype: [email protected]
  3. Azzakel working %90 Azzakel needs to spawn Dark Portal After being summoned and not while attacked Flying paths needs rewrite Creature_Text needs to be implemented Creature_Sound needs to be implemented Other than that i hope he is %90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3XexXGwAJo&feature=youtu.be
  4. it was a rush capture between our developer in a skype call
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWDT2xbLD3k&feature=youtu.be Showing sniff spawns and boss script will be updated when raid is close to 100% done
  6. Features Instant 90 Dreadful and LFR gear on Start Stable and lag free host Minimal amount of bugs Transmogrification Mall Free Glyphs, Gems, Enchants, and so on! Working Dungeons and Raids Stable and well developed Core and Database Active Staff Daily updates and amazing Developers Competitive or laid-back PvP and PvE experience! And much more! Tired of looking for Transmogs through Azeroth and Outlands? No more searching needed! We have a Transmogrification Mall with FREE Items! All Raid Items, Tiers, Season gear, and even BoE drop items are found there! There is over a Thousand items in our Transmog mall! We correctly "Nerf" and "Buff" classes according to Blizzlike standards regarding 5.0.5 level 90 Content! Our Classes are well working and our In-Game content is also well working, if it isn't we fix it in a matter of hours! We've fixed over a Thousand bugs/issues since the server release! Looking for a Competitive PvP server? You've found it! Our community is full of Competitive or Casual PvPers, as well as PvE! People are always looking for Battlegrounds, Arenas, Raids, Dungeons and so on! So what are you waiting for? Go join them! Looking for amazing PvE content? You've found it! Our community is also in love with our PvE content, our fully working MSV, Heroics, Normal dungeons, and more! We are fixing dungeons, and raids on a daily basis to make them as Blizzlike as possible while keeping it fun! ArenaBattleGrounds.Ca is an Instant level 90 5.0.5 Server. We are both PvE and PvP focused. Our community is small, but is friendly and warm hearted! - Website - http://ArenaBattleGrounds.Ca - Forums - http://ArenaBattleGrounds.Ca/forums - Realmlist - ArenaBattleGrounds.Ca
  7. Thank you so much love here i like these forums New players joining daily will update thread with pics and videos
  8. [WoWscape: Presents Progression Realm WoWstorm](http://privategamingnetwork.com) Visit us: www.privategamingnetwork.com WoWStorm Progression Details * EXP- 10x (Double exp on weekends) * Drops- 5x * Gold- 5x * Crafting- 5x * Reputation- 5x * Free Naxx Tier 7 :love: * Free Profession Mats :love: * Daily Custom Quests :love: * Special Quests * Custom WoW Client Launcher :ott: * Low Population Community * Vote System (Rewards) * Kill-streak * PvP Titles *Realm First Achievements Our Social Networks * Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wowscape-1-Private-Server/1451663201736469 * Twitter :http://www.Twitter.com/PGNetworkonline * Youtube :http://www.youtube.com/user/ScapeGoatGamesOnline We welcome everyone to WoWStorm, especially those players who like new and challenging experiences. * However, WoWStorm is not going to be easy it will take dedication and courage to succeed, but when you do we will have all-new content and more levels as the ultimate challenge and reward for our WoWscape members. Staff here at WoWscape bring to the community of wow emulation a realm dedicated to serious instance and raiding, overall experience like retail where leveling and gearing is an achievement and something to be proud of. * Players will need to know how to play their classes, how to function in raid and dungeons, and most likely be organized in a guild to be successful WoWstorm is going to be a server for dedicated and committed players and as for rewards to our WoWscape members cataclysm will be released after the first cycle of WoWStorm players complete 'Wrath of The Lich King' then after the cycle of Cataclysm 'Mist of Pandora' will be released as rewarded content to our members. about WoWstorm: Server Custom Progression x10 rate. * Patch: 3.3.5a (Wrath of the The Lich King). * Low latency (AMERICAN REALM). * (Custom Core) * Best Pathfinding and LoS out there. * Fully functional Wintergrasp. * Anti-DDoS protection Videos: How To Connect: http://youtu.be/VwBR9sNgHgE Sincerely, Management All Rights Reserved UCC 1-207 1-308 1-1033 Respectfully submitted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZferDpAPY8
  9. Here is a project we did for WoWscape http://youtu.be/qZferDpAPY8 WoWscape :: #1 Online Gaming Private Server
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