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  1. yeah easly as hell looooooooooool gotcha man
  2. PS : I wouldn't list the private servers that works on but i swear it works on very huge private servers that have 100 players +
  3. Well since there isn't any Programs Show off i decided to make a show off here ! This is Video : https://scontent.ftun2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t66.18014-6/10000000_659960404362152_423637333350455854_n.mp4?_nc_cat=0&efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6Im9lcF9oZCJ9&oh=cdca9b9640fabc141ac6e31605f79954&oe=5BC7D4BB Note : This isn't going to be shared. Note2 : This program were made only because someone insulted me while playing in his server ( he was the owner ) so i decided to show him that you can't really insult someone just because you own a server. Note3: This program were tested on more than 8 servers and it works on all of them with some changes due to servers security but still works. Note4: This will never be released and i will keep working on it and i may sell it in the future and i will NEVER share the source with anyone and also if i sell it for someone and he share it i can disable it.
  4. Exp of what WPE can do :
  5. Looks nice haha not only you everyone here won't finish what started
  6. Thank you OMGhixD Trying always to give it better looking and more functions now currently working on flags / flags extra and some other columns that are actually needed for some people
  7. No problem just make sure to vote up for the answer and mark as solved.
  8. WIRED AS HELL BUT COPY THIS WILL WORK UPDATE player_levelstats SET str = str * 10;
  9. Do you means something like this : UPDATE player_levelstats SET str = Str * 10;

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