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Files posted by Abundant

  1. Free

    Abundant's Mega Pack : Part #3

    Enjoy Part 3  


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  2. Free

    Abundant's Mega Pack : Part #6

    Enjoy Part 6


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  3. Free

    Abundant's Mega Pack : Part #5

    Enjoy Part 5.


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  4. Free

    Abundant's Mega Pack : Part #4

    Enjoy Part 4


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  5. Free

    Abundant's Mega Pack : Part #2

    Enjoy Part 2


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  6. Free

    Abundant's Mega Pack : Part #1



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  7. Free

    [Free] World of Warcraft Banner #1

    Instructions to edit this file.
    1. Locate the Folder in the Layer Panel named "Put Your Text Here".
    2. Delete the Folder (You can do this two ways, click the folder and pressing delete on your Keyboard, Or by Right Clicking and Selecting "Delete Group".
    3. Create Another Folder by clicking the,  if you can't find this image send me a message and I will locate it for you.
    4. Double Click on the Folder (In the Layer's Panel) Rename it to whatever you like.
    5. Select Your Text Tool, click on the banner than type your text. (Exampe: I typed LordCraft)
    6. Next Download This Text Style. (Tip : Only Download if you'd like to use the same text Style I did)
    7. Right Click the Text Layer, Select Rasterize Type (This should make your layer look like this image ->
    8. Duplicate the Layer 7 Times. If you don't know how. Just make sure the Layer with the text is Selected and Press Ctrl + J Until you see Layer Name Copy 7.
    9. Now Follow the Steps Below.
    First Layer on the Bottom do (Blur > Motion Blur > 25 Pixel Direction) Make sure the angle is set to 0°.
    Second Layer on top of the First layer do (Blur > Motion Blur > 20 Pixel Direction) Make sure the angle is set to 0°.
    Third Layer on top of the Second layer do (Blur > Motion Blur > 15 Pixel Direction) Make sure the angle is set to 0°.
    Fourth Layer on top of the Third layer do (Blur > Motion Blur > 10 Pixel Direction) Make sure the angle is set to 0°.
    Fifth  Layer on top of the Fourth layer do (Blur > Motion Blur > 5 Pixel Direction) Make sure the angle is set to 0°.
    Sixth Layer on top of the Fifth layer do (Blur > Motion Blur > 2 Pixel Direction) Make sure the angle is set to 0°.
    Seventh Layer on top of the Sixth layer do (Blur > Motion Blur > 1 Pixel Direction) Make sure the angle is set to 0°.
    10. Now that is done, time to do the animation. If you find this portion hard, Add me On Skype and I will Explain it much better to you.
    First thing we want to do is make sure the Animation (Time Line Window is Open) If it is not do the following.
    CS6 + : On the bottom of the screen you should see "Mini Bridge" & "Time Line", Click the Time Line Name Twice. This will open up the Time Line Animation Window.
    CS6 Or Lower : Click Window > Animation. This Should make the Animation Time Line Window Appear On the Bottom of the Photoshop Window.
    11. Once that is done you should see inside the Time Line Window One Layer and the time Set to 1.00Sec. If you have this than good. Next we are going to change the time to 0.09.
    In order to do this you want to click on the time it should open up a window displaying times in seconds. We want to click Other or Custom Time. Once the dialog box opens type in the time we want 0.09, Now on that layer make sure the very first Layer is On.
    Your Layers Should Look like this.

    Now, we are going to hit this icon  on the animation window. What this does is creates a new frame for the animation. On the new frame, click the eye next to the text layer that is on to turn it off and click in the same spot on the layer above it. 
    Now you have create the first animation part, continue this until you get to the seventh layer. (This should be the layer we blurred with 1 Pixel). Do the following
    Create a new frame set the time to 0.5 and enable the un-blurred layer (The Actually Text that we will see), Create a New Frame, Set that time to 0.09 and enable the first blurred layer, than once again create another new frame set the time to 0.5 and enable the Non-Blurred Layer.
    Than to view our Animation go to File > Save for Web & Devices > Set the Image to a Gif 128 Differed and Hit the Play Button.
    Congratulations You've Created Your First Animated Banner.
    If you have any problems Contact via PM/Skype.


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  8. Free

    Abundant's Unique PSD Pack #1

    These are my most Prized Signatures and I am handing them to the community of LordCraft. 
    Take Care of them


       (3 reviews)


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