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  1. Hello ! Today we will learn how to create an NPC from nothing ! Summary Required tools NPC dressing CreatureDisplayInfo editing CreatureDisplayInfoExtra editing Patch creation DB addition Looks like it's time to gear up ! - Software like Photoshop or Gimp. Personally I use Photoshop because of this : BLP Plugin - Wow Model Viewer or something similar - BLP Converter (useless if you use the Photoshop's plugin) - My DbcEditor - MPQ Editor - Your 3.3.5 client ! Looks like it's time to dress up ! I only mentionned one tool which can dress up our future NPC, so, let's go to Wow Model Viewer ! First, we have to select the race of our NPC, I'll choose... Human male ! You can select this in the menu on the left, in the character part. Now, here's the interesting part. Quick explanation : The menu in the top right corner defines the look of your npc, face type, hair color... ATTENTION ! In CreatureDisplayInfoExtra, hair color and hair style are inversed ! Below this menu, it's seems to be obvious, you can set your Npc's stuff. Below again, Oppa tabard style ! 8-) I let you prepare your NPC, I'll create mine and after, we compare who made the most beautiful ! Time's up ! Here's mine : Ok I used WoD stuff, I cheated... a bit Now, you can screen the whole right menu, that way you will not forget the character's characteristics ! Sometimes you can see two numbers to the right of the object name, they are important, the first is the itemID, the second his DisplayID, keep them two ! Our NPC is created, now we need to extract its texture. In my WMV version I do this : Once exported, a single file will interest us : body.tga Open it with Photoshop or your software, and you'll see this : You're free to customize the face, adding scars or whatever ! If you don't use the BLP plugin, save this file as png, and slide it on your BLP Converter. We have finished the texture ! "But, Hyakki-master ! And weapons ?!" Creature_equip_template, world database ! Your turn CreatureDisplayInfo ! Open this DBC with the software provided by this tutorial (MyDBCEditor) You'll see lines. Lines everywhere ! Scroll to the last line, right click and select "Insert line...", your ID MUST be unique ! I'll choose 70010. Quick explanation 2 : First column : unique ID Second column : Model ID that is registered in CreatureModelData.dbc (for a human male it's 49, a human female 50...) Third column : Dunno, let zero. Fourth column : ExtraDisplay : We'll see it in CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc, it must be unique too. Fifth column : Let 1. Sixth colum : Creature opacity. 255 means your npc is opaque, 0 means... yes it's transparent. Seventh and Eighth column : "Extra texture", when you npc isn't a character but a creature, these colums set their skin. The next columm : Contains an ID or 0, the ID corresponds to sound ID in NPCSounds.dbc. Last column : Let zero. Here's the look of my NPC column : You must to put this DBC in your MPQ patch and in serverside. Next ! Braces yourselves CreatureDisplayInfoExtra is coming ! This is where it all take shape. Documentation time ! 1 : ID, that one you choosed in the fourth column in CreatureDisplayInfo. 2 : Character's race, 1 for human... IDs are situated in ChrRaces. 3 : Gender. 0 for male (It is also the degree of intelligence of the person who wrote this guide) and 1 for female. 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 : SkinColor, FaceType, HairStyle, HairColor, BeardStyle. (Don't forget, in WMV, hair style & hair color are inversed) 9 : Head DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 10 : Shoulders DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 11 : Shirt DisplayId (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 12 : Chest DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 13 : Belt DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 14 : Legs DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 15 : Boots DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 16 : Bracers DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 17 : Gloves DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 18 : Tabard DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 19 : Cape DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 20 : 0. 21 : Your texture name, in my case, it'll be admerin.blp Fill your DBC line with your items's DisplayID that you choosed for your NPC. Be careful, sometines the first digit is valid, sometines it's the second. Here's mine : Save it ! Upload it to your server, put it into your Patch ! But... Where in my patch ?! I assume you know how to create a MPQ patch. So, open your MPQ with MPQ Editor ! If they don't exist, create two folders at the root of the patch. Call them : DBFilesClient Textures You can put your two DBCs in DBFilesclient Now, go in Textures, create a folder called BakedNpcTextures and put your .blp in there. Your patch is ready. Last step ! Creature_model_info Serverside part ! In your world Database, find this table and open it ! Quick explanation... Oh no, copy/paste the content of an other line. EXCEPT ONE THING ! Your ID must be the same as the one in CreatureDisplayInfo, in my case : 70010. This digit is the DisplayID that you MUST use for your creature. Once your line is written and your NPC created... This tutorial is finished ! Don't hesitate to show your NPCs here ! Original Guide Credits - Oldaron @ Model-Changing
  2. Hey bud, I was seeing on you were doing and what you were up to. I have been doing alot lately got married and have a little one running around now. I got some questions about the old gfx days if you have time. add me on discord Khalessi Hale#1153

    1. OMGhixD


      Awesomesauce, Congratulations with Both marriage and the little one.


      Yeh no problems, Feel free to hit me up either on Discord or Skype (added u on discord)

    2. OMGhixD


      wasn't able to find you on discord add me instead ( OMGhixD#4382 )

  3. Thanks Bud, We are having Double Exp Weekend this week. People should join to see what we offer. Also, In the Process of Creating a Launcher that Automatically Sets Realmlist and Downloads Latest Patch Files for the Server.
  4. Hello Everyone and welcome to the Official advertisement for LegendaryWoW. Now I know that I have posted a couple in the past, but we have taken a different approach and decided to devote our every waking moment to building this old school feel Level 254 FunRealm. Now, this isn't your typical funserver where you reach your max level on a character very quick, everything is easy to obtain, etc. We have taken the liberty of making our server like funservers' used to be and that is, you work for what you get and what you have. More server information will be listed below. Server Information : Starting Level 1 Level cap 170 ( For Beta ONLY ) - Will be raised to 254 as we progress Starter Gear Armor and Weapons for level 100, 130, and 170 All Armor sets have Item Set Bonuses as well. Neutral Mall ( Sanctuary ) PVP Leveling Road Custom Pet Taming Area Custom Daily Quests Gear Tokens to purchase custom gear Coming Soon .... : Custom Dungeons and raids Custom World Bosses Custom Mini Bosses Custom World Raiding Bosses Donation Items ( No Pay to Win Items ) Voter Items Custom Mounts Level cap raised More Custom Pets Custom Professions And Much Much More !!! ::: Leveling Area ::: ::: Our Mall ::: ::: PET AREA ::: If you would like to check out the server, please feel free to register an account with us and give it a go ! Just click on the logo at the top to direct yourself to our website.
  5. I get an PhP Syntax error when adding {echo '<color="gray">';}
  6. I am trying to get this php script to detect when a users reputation is positive/negative or neutral and than colorize based on those three settings. <php> if ( $author['pp_reputation_points'] > 0 ) { $tbSruiStyle = 'positive'; } elseif ( $author['pp_reputation_points'] < 0 ) { $tbSruiStyle = 'negative'; } else { $tbSruiStyle = 'zero'; } $likesMode = ( $this->settings['reputation_point_types'] == 'like' ) ? 'tb_srui_likes' : 'tb_srui_reputation'; </php> So far I have this, how would I add the color to it. Please anyone help me
  7. Abundant

    Signature xD

    Can we see some of your avatars and etc? I would love to buy one, but Signatures and Avatars are different due to the space difference between signatures and avatars. 8.5/10 Like @Death said, There is still room for improvement
  8. Doing some C++ Launcher Work :)

  9. I made this forum ranks for my Forums and though it would be a nice thing to post them on Lordcraft and show everyone that I am getting a tad bit better with expanding my horizons. These are based of the ones that @t10n posted. If you see anything that should be edited or fixed let me know. I hope you all enjoy
  10. Okay, I want to buy a Spotify Account from you. So since Spotify is a Recurring Payment, How long does it last ?

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