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  1. Yes it would require a C++ script and a compile. As an idea once have made the in game item this item could be added to the store so that when a player donates they can then pick this item from the store to then be given in the in game mail. If the item has been removed and then the player donates then this item could be given again. The item does not have to be removed as the item with the C++ script can be made to see if the player has a security of 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.. If the script sees that the security is equal to or greater than 1 then player is donator and give max level else the script sends a message to the player saying "You are not a donator and unable to use this at this time" (removal of the item can be optional).
  2. Another way of possibly doing this might be to have the quest give a token. This token could be assigned a script that on use of the token that if the player is a donator then set level to 80 and if player is not a donator then it does nothing / sends a message to player saying "You are not a donator" and then removes the item from the player
  3. Very nice, Looks great . Looking forward to see when completed
  4. Hi @axebreak, What custom script are you looking for? I think it may help if you also added more information, For the newest Trinitycore Rev 3.3.5 or other? Feel free to Pm me and if I can help then will see what I can do, without further information not sure if will be able to assist or not
  5. Very nice, Look very interesting and extremely promising. Best of luck

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