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  1. Katos

    wallpaper request

    Might have a shot at this one @Foufos - Give me a nudge on Discord: katos#8619
  2. Katos

    nice weather today

    We need to catch up sometime. You got Discord?
  3. hi

    1. Katos


      Whale hello there! 

    2. pshamy


      you know something about arcemu 2.4.3 in c ++ script compilation

      If you know, I need your help

  4. Katos

    nice weather today

    Pleased to see you never lost it. Some tremendous work, but I expect nothing less
  5. Theme needs major work for mobile, it doesn't look good at all, and usability is poor. The header doesn't load properly and I just see a large gray box.
  6. Custom scripts cannot be added to repacks, you will need to compile your own core.
  7. File --> Save as --> all file types. Amend .html to the end of your filename, such as test.html and not test.txt or test.txt.html You should then be able to double click the file for it to open in your default browser.
  8. One of few people I will actually vouch for these days. Good luck @Leads
  9. Appreciate your kind words! Worked hard on the CC to try and provide support for @Valtorei
  10. Apologies for the delay in CC for this. The following is intended as constructive criticism please do not take this harshly. Considering your extremely difficult stock and render choice, the outcome is impressive, and I commend you even more considering you're "not a designer". This is impressive. With this in mind, I thought I would provide some CC to help you in the future. placement Your placement is what made this most difficult for you, you should consider moving it to the right a little, so that your right side of the signature isn't so empty. Colouring This is a touchy, and sensitive subject, but I feel that your colouring needs a little work. I feel that darkening the edges and adding spotlights would work wonders for your theme, and really help to highlight the "runic" and mystic theme that you were going for. Here's an example: (this is just a quick and rough example) As the above shows, darkening the edges helps to focus ones eyes on the render and the mystic text behind. This helps to set the mood and makes the signature seem less "empty". I have also duplicated the text behind the render and added a colour dodge to make it pop out a little more. Again, to help set the mood. I disagree with @OMGhixD's suggestion of blurring, it takes too much away. Darkening (like above) would suffice in my opinion. I do however, agree with the lighting aspect, which is my next point. Lighting As the above colouring edit shows, the left (as you look at it) is darker than the right. So we need to reflect this with our lighting: Personally, I feel your lighting would be best like so: So, use a soft brush with white opacity in this sort of area. I used two layers, one near the render, and one near the top. Play around with opacity to achieve desired effect: I also darkened the bottom to achieve something like this: (Again, this is just a quick and rough example) I hope that this CC goes towards helping you, and that you continue to develop your GFX. I see a lot of potential and I hope you continue it. I look forward to seeing more! disclaimer: These are suggestions intended to help the OP and should not be taken in an offensive manner. The suggestions are subjective and not definitive. Please take with a pinch of salt and use to experiment on your design(s). Enjoy!
  11. First design? Not bad!! The logo could do with cleaner shadows and the top wolves ( ? ) appear a little... strange. Could perhaps use a better image for the top. i quite like it but it doesn't scream "emulation" to me.
  12. I feel sad that we have fallen out of touch. PM me your Skype and I'll add you. My old Skype won't allow me access because Microsoft sucks. i will CC this piece later when I have a little more time :-)
  13. Many thanks for your kind words!
  14. See more and request your own at: https://creatorswave.com/ Banner made for Dare Gaming organisation member "Tranzition" Style requested: Black / Yellow See more and request your own graphics at https://creatorswave.com/
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