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  1. Hello, I just wanted to release all my themes to you. Some of them have already been released by Chompi and EvilSystem but there are other ones that are not from them and I will like this community to have them. - Agressiphe - Alliance - Angel Theme - Bloody WoW - Blue - Brutal WoW - Burning Theme - Cata Theme - Cata Fusion - Crusader - Death - Dispersion WoW - Drake - Dream WoW - Fallen - Final Death - Float - Forge Craft (made by me) - Frozen - Horde - Immortal WoW - International Theme - LavaCraft (coded by me) - Legion - Owner Gamers - Panda Theme - Pandarus - Project Hysteria - Simple Blood - Sylvanas - The Cold Lord V2 (coded by me) - The King - The Mist - Wolf - Worgen Theme - WoW Mystery (coded by me) - WoW Mystery Red (coded by me) and more! I will not give any type of support regarding these themes only the ones I coded will be debugged when you tell me the bug. I highly recommend to download the .rar and .zip files Download link: http://dawnbrightsu.ca/download/themes
  2. Hello everyone, I decided to give support to all of the themes I coded or designed! I will leave the GitHub link here, please post any bugs or issues you have with my themes. I also released LatonaWoW theme, which is new! https://github.com/Dawnbrightsu/themes
  3. if you could pin this threat if you believe it's good enough that will be great that way people don't use the Jeuties outdated version
  4. Before you get scared by this rather long guide, I can assure you that the procedure is quite simple. Most of the following steps are performed only the first time you install Trinity. Once you get used to these steps, you won't have to look to this guide again. What do I need? GitExtensions (Includes Git, MySYSGit and KDiff, install like this!) Visual Studio 2015 Community (vs_community.exe) CMake (Get the Win64 Installer) OpenSSL v1.0.2k 32bits (Get the v1.0.2k Win64 full installer, if you have a 64 bits machine.) OpenSSL v1.0.2k 64bits (Get the v1.0.2k Win64 full installer, if you have a 64 bits machine.) MySQL 5.6 server HeidiSQL Boost 1.59.0 32bits Boost 1.59.0 64bits or Boost 1.60.0 32bits Boost 1.60.0 64bits Setting Boost Evironment: Go to your computer properties.(Control Panel\System and Security\System) Click Advanced system settings Click Environment Variables Click New under User Variables Type Variable name: BOOST_ROOT Variable Value: C:/local/boost_1_59_0 or C:/local/boost_1_60_0 Pulling the source: Before you can jump into compiling anything, you'll need to get the source; this is fairly easy: Create a directory in which the core files will be pulled. (e.g: C:/Trinity) Right-click on the directory, navigate to 'GitExt Clone' and press it Fill in the data as following: Repository to clone: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git Destination: C:/Trinity Subdirectory to create: <none> Branch: 3.3.5 Click on 'Clone' and wait a couple minutes whilst the files are being pulled. Configuring and Generating Visual C++ solutions via CMake: Before you can continue and compile the source, you'll have to generate the solution. This is done via Cmake. Create a directory in which the compile will be built. (Different from the source.) (e.g: C:/Build) Launch CMake GUI Navigate to the source and the build directories Press configure. (Choose Visual Studio 14 2015) Once configured, you'll get a table coloured in bright red with various options. The options should be set correctly, although, hover over them and see if you need any extras. Be sure to keep 'Servers' and 'WITH_MYSQL_SOURCES' checked. Press configure again, and then Generate. When everything went correctly, you should get a message saying: "Generating Done" You can now close CMake. Compiling the source: Finally we came to the step where we'll compile the source; Go into your build folder, and open the 'TrinityCore.sln' file Once Microsoft Visual C++ has launched, at the top change the setting from 'Debug' to 'Release' and be sure that the platform is 'Win32' Press the small green (> play arrow to start building. Building should take about 30 minutes. Once done you should get an error that 'Build All' went unsuccessfully, however at the bottom of the screen you should see the line: ========== Build: 23 completed, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ========== The freshly compiled core can be found in the 'Build/bin/release' folder.[/list] You'll need the following files to get the core to function properly: ACE.dll libeay32.dll libmySQL.dll ssleay32.dll worldserver.conf.dist worldserver.exe authserver.conf.dist authserver.exe There are a few DLLs that needs to be manually added to this folder, and you need to copy them over from the following installation/bin directories: libmySQL.dll --> C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.x\lib\ libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll --> C:\OpenSSL-Win64\ or C:\OpenSSL-Win32\ (depends on if your core is 64-bit or 32-bit) Keeping the core up to date: Trinity developers are always working to fix bugs or add new features. I'd suggest doing this step at least once a month; Go back to your source folder, and right click. Navigate to GitExtensions and press 'Pull' Make sure it is configured as following: Pull from Remote: origin Remote Branch: 3.3.5 Merge remote branch to current branch Click Pull, and the latest core revision will be downloaded. Now you just repeat 'Compiling the core' and you'll have the latest revision. Setting up the MYSQL server: Run the MYSQL server installer previously downloaded Click I accept the liecense terms and hit next Select Server only and then next Execute wait for it to complete then next Next until you need to add a root password Add any password you would like to have (this will be used in the world config and auth config later on Next and then Execute Finish Getting the databases: Download the Databases here: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/releases Extract them to a folder Installing the databases Open HeidiSQL and connect to your database with username root and the password you entered Create 3 databases, Auth, World and Characters To do that you right click unnamed and create new, database. Click the world database created and then click query Drag the TDB world.sql file in the folder you extracted and drop it in the query Hit the run button (blue arrow pointing to the right). After that you want to navigate to your source to SQL folder Open folder base inside the SQL folder Drag auth_database.sql to query and click auth database and run it Drag characters_database.sql to query and click characters database and run it Setting up the server: Whilst you can download these files from the web, it might be useful to extract them yourself; In order to run, Trinity needs dbc, maps, vmaps and mmaps. These need to be extracted. The extractors can be compiled together with Trinity. (select the 'tools' option in CMake) Put the extractors in your World of Warcraft client directory. Navigate to your source folder into contrib, copy and paste extractor.bat to your WoW client folder. Launch the WoW client, once you see the home screen, close it again. Run extractor.bat Once it's finished, you may delete the 'Buildings' folder and move the other folders (maps, vmaps, mmaps, dbc) to the folder your core binaries are. (e.g: /Trinity/bin/Win32_release or C:/Trinity/bin/x64_release) Unless moving to another patch or explicitly stated in a commit note, the maps, vmaps and dbc should stay the same. By thus, this process shouldn't be repeated. Configuring the server You can alter various settings of your server by editing the configuration files. This is required to do before starting it, since you'll need to fill in the correct MySQL details. Rename the worldserver.config.dist to worldserver.config Read through all the settings, however be sure to change: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];auth" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];world" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];characters" And make it reflect your MySQL settings. Rename the authserver.config.dist to authserver.config Read through all the settings, however be sure to change: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];auth" Finished After all these steps are complete, you should have successfully compiled and configured a fresh Trinity Core compile. Be sure to change your realmlist to 'Set realmlist' and launch both the authserver.exe and worldserver.exe, After a couple minutes these should be started without any issue's. You will have to create your account using the world console: .account create NAME PASSWORD PASSWORD
  5. Here is the link of the video and the links I mention on it aswell. This is a video for does that don't know how to compile TrinityCore on Windows or have been having issues doing so. Requirements: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Windows+Requirements Visual Studio 2015 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/aco3dq0pruzh6ut/vs_community.exe Thanks, Dawnbrightsu
  6. Hello, I have been asked by many people the same question; How can I assemble vmaps? it's not doing anything when I double click it... Here is the answer. When you execute vmap4assembler.exe it needs some specifications after that, so what I do to solve this issue is by creating a .bat file to execute that command right when vmap4assembler is open. How do I create a .bat file? It is pretty simple and you don't need any program to do so. Open Notepad or Notepad++ and then add this commands: md vmaps md mmaps vmap4assembler.exe Buildings vmaps mmaps_generator.exe pause This code will create 2 directories called vmaps and mmaps, then run the vmap4assembler with the commands you need and after that is done mmaps_generator.exe will run. This code will work only if you have already run mapextractor.exe and vmap4extractor.exe previously. If you haven't use the following commands: mapextractor.exe vmap4extractor.exe md vmaps md mmaps vmap4assembler.exe Buildings vmaps mmaps_generator.exe pause This will basically create all the maps, mmaps, dbc and vmaps automatically. It will not work properly if you have executed any of the extractors before, if you have; just delete all the folders this extractors created and run this code. After adding that commands on Notepad++ or Notepad, just save it on the wow folder with the extractors as run.bat and double click that file after that and let it run! I hope this tutorial will solve this common issue, Dawnbrightsu
  7. Thanks for Sharing! I hope this script works for latest TrinityCore
  8. If you want them to have great quality and be able to change the text from it without changing the PNG/JPG I will suggest doing all the background images with PSD and exporting it as JPG or PNG and then just use CSS to add font style and drop shadow. I know that there is a plugin for Photoshop that converts your font style into CSS and then it js just matter of applying that css to html. Update: I am sorry there is a function under layer which you can convert to css https://thesiteslinger.com/blog/photoshop-to-css-conversion-3-methods-compared
  9. I reeeaaallyy like it good job
  10. I am sorry about that. When I quoted it, I included ur name but it seems it doesnt show. I am going to edit the post to mention you. Although I later on mentioned you in a comment. I didn't steal your post. I just shared it with another community because I found it useful. I quoted all the post as a way of showing this is not my work. If you want to post this with your account I will be glad to delete this post. Edit: I also wanted to remind you that you posted that anyone can share it and well... I did....
  11. Good Luck, Hopefully you don't get closed by Valve hahah
  12. I was thinking adding some flames to the text. I will probably be finished today or tomorrow
  13. Can I see the website you have right now? I would like to design it to fit the website.

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