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  1. What is the name of the lordcraft wow mall and gm island map files?
  2. thats just the thing they are in the same folder and it still won't load them.
  3. This is the download link for the server log file. http://lordcraft.net/index.php/files/file/61-server-log/
  4. i got this fixed downloaded another website.
  5. they are in the main folder it hasnt done this before it started doing it after the latest release
  6. even deleting the vmaps and installing the ones he gave me it still gives me the same error
  7. this is what i get in worldserver console http://i.imgur.com/jYBfJQi.jpg
  8. there isnt an htdocs except in security
  9. there is no www folder in the server
  10. how do i move rhe website over to xampp
  11. just the apache that comes in the repack
  12. everytime i start the apache server i get an error on line 34 say directory must be a root directory. i am running on windows server 2008
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