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  1. DediShot

    Twitch Kit

    Thanks a lot for your effort! I appriciate it a lot. This thread can be closed.
  2. DediShot

    Twitch Kit

    Render/Stock : Gaming (Actually I need something special as a logo or something that comes out from Toxicwards name) Text : ToxicWards Subtext : Not needed. Color Scheme: I don't care about the colors actually. What Type of Request is This? : I need a Twitch kit for my channel ( Logo,Banner and Panels). Size : Logo (300x300) Banner (1200x480) Panels (320 x 100) Offline Banner (1920 x 1080) Any Additional Information? : No. .PSD Needed?: If its possible only. Theres something that might help: https://streamplaygraphics.com/twitch-image-sizes/
  3. Hello there,I was looking for a graphic designer for my Twitch Channel called ToxicWards. Theme: Gaming (nothing special) Banner Size: 480px high x 900px wide Profile Size: 200px x 200px Text: ToxicWards Also a specific logo transparent logo will be great and appreciated.(About logo,I don't mind if it's a symbol or the First letters of my Channel TW for example) PSD file: If its available sure! I can put your link bio in my Twitch Channel description and also advertise your name. If you want to contact me hit me on skype: alampas_puccytale or pm here.
  4. League of Legends,GTA IV,COD Ghosts & Black Ops,Assasins Creed Black Flag :')
  5. It looks great! Nice job
  6. Hello There ! Im Looking for a logo for my league of legends team. My Team name is Rest In Peace Gaming. size 500x250 or 400x400 Thank you!
  7. Hello There! I'd like to ask you about your opinion. Do you like the new expansion of World of Warcraft? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYueIdI_2L0

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