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  2. Let someone else run it.
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  4. Hello everyone, Today I'm bringing you the announcement of the closure of MMO-Society. MMO-Society has been a registered Community Forum for years. It was formed back in 2010 under the name of Lordcraft and has ever since been online and Accessible for users across the world-wide web. However, as emulation comes to a more and more dead point. I, the Director and Owner of MMO-Society do not see it Efficient at all to run anymore. MMO-Society is more of a money-pit rather than anything else. I myself do not feel like continuing the project and will not be passing it on to someone else. The Forum Board will close during the 12th of November 2019. I'd like to thank everyone who has participated in making this forum what it is and what it was. I will never forget the amount of memorable moments and memorable users I've met throughout the years. I'd like to personally also thank Death for giving us the opportunity to form such a great community, Resource Center and so much more. It is with a heavy heart that I announce this. And if the Board would continuesly pay for itself I would not see any reason to close it, But in reality this is not the case. Again Thank You Everyone, For everything. Best Regards, OMGhixD (Robert)
  5. Last week
  6. Due to ignoring the warnings from the staff and continuing with the infractions your thread will be locked until further notice. If you believe that this is a mistake, please contact one of the moderators.
  7. Due to ignoring the warnings from the staff and continuing with the infractions your thread will be locked until further notice. If you believe that this is a mistake, please contact one of the moderators.
  8. Please allow a timeframe of 24 hours inbetween the bumps. It is actually against the community rules to bump more frequently than once every 24th hour. If you wish to get a sticky you may purchase that through our store. Thank you!
  9. An appropriate action will be taken in correlation to ensure neutrality of all parts. Thank you for this report // Closed
  10. There's a difference between scamming and not being satisfied or meeting the customer's expectations. - Never mentioned scamming. Then i'd like to suggest adding a rule such as "A bump must not be followed by a bump by the same user", rendering this impossible to ever happen again, and make it a light rule, such as if a user posts a cool update for server etc. - > allowed, however if the user is blatantly bumping frequently, they should be told to tone it down to not burry other posts by the ACTUAL community members. Rushboost has no record in engaging in other posts than their own, as far as i can see any way. I understand that it would be a strong rule to implement and most likely ruin a lot for alot of people, but users like Rushboost is ruining the forums for me, and MMO-Society is essentially just being USED as an advertisement platform for this user, giving them free high-ranking SEO friendly backlinks to their website and provides a ton of traffic, at the cost of potentially loosing users for MMO-Society. I think, in my honest opinion, that users like these should be taken care of in one way or another, MMO-Society/Lordcraft was NEVER seen as a platform for advertisement like this, it's always been used for sharing knowledge and ideas among a friendly and supporting enviroment. This is all wrong, and i cannot stand watching this going on for much longer. Hence why i made this post.
  11. I wasn't referring to a member posting on the thread of another user, I was referring to you starting off a paragraph with "Either you do something about it or I'll..." which is reminiscent of a threat. I could only assume that their services are not lacking considering that the user has so far not been reported for scam, nor has anyone negatively commented on their thread. Their grade on trust pilot is an excellent 4.7 with 37 reviews which do not seem botted. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/rushboost.com The suggestions and feedback section should not be used in cases such as these, the report function built into the forum should. You could've also marked the user as a spammer by going to their profile. It did take the staff 8 days to deal with this, and we do apologize for the delay. The user has been warned, if he continues with the same behavior his threads will be locked.
  12. No, this has gone on for long enough and, if i recall correctly i've seen another person requesting action against this person, yet action was denied. - I cannot remember who, or when but there's a slight memory in my brain of this happening. If this is wrong, i apologize. The things is, you don't know if it's false claims or true claims, you don't know if i've ordered from them before and you don't know if i was satisfied with them or not. It should not be seen as a threat, and it isn't a threat. To post on another person's topic, how is that a threat? So me posting here is "illegal" and against the rules? I think not. I am posting it in the appropiate forum category/section and complies with the rules of MMO-Society. This is a suggestion and feedback on what i think should be done. To privately speak to a moderator/staff WHOM SHOULD'VE DONE SOMETHING LONG AGO, would be stupid of me, since something most likely will be done, if i go public about it, and judging @OMGhixD's personality from his older posts and Twitch channel, i think SOMETHING will be done, and i hope the appropiate thing will be done in this case. This isn't affecting just me, it's affecting all of us, as our posts won't get the traction and attention as it otherwise would've, if this member didn't spam MMO-Society with his "This is a bump text" posts.
  13. Please keep the bump post to once every 24 hours as allowed by the rules of the forum. Continuing to bump threads every 6 hours will result in both of them being locked.
  14. Please keep the bump post to once every 24 hours as allowed by the rules of the forum. Continuing to bump threads every 6 hours will result in both of them being locked.
  15. The rules also state that "Threats of any kind won't be tolerated", yet you're threatening to post on every single thread of his with false claims regarding his services. You could've reported your thoughts on the matter in a PM to one of the staff members instead of posting it publicly. In the future, please shy away from using this method to inform the staff of any infractions, instead, use the built in report function of the forum.
  16. @OMGhixD i think it's time to take action against @rushboost for intentionally and blatantly going against the rules of MMO-Society. I'm gonna quote them real quick; §1.5: Do not bump threads until at least 24 hours have passed since the last post. Rules and Regulations At this point it's ridiculous, bumping every 6 hours or so, it's outrageous. Other posts getting burried by this user and it's hard to keep track of other posts, due to this SPAM. ^The f'ing sidebar. I am not saying BAN, but do SOMETHING. I'm getting tired of watching my favorite forum to go get spammed by someone like this. Either you do something or i'll post on every single post i see by him and not recommend their services. For each bump i see, i'll fricking unvouch, this isn't cool anymore, i've had enough idk about other members but this is ridiculous. If he wants to fricking advertise so badly he can go ahead and buy ads on MMO-Society, sticky thread or Premium. Atleast give back to the community?
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