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  • Noggit 3 .1021 Download (WoW Map Editing Tool) By Death

    Noggit is a World of Warcraft map editor, based on an older version of WoWMapViewer. It allows you to edit the maptile files (called ADT files) with a set of tools using a 3D or a 2D view.   Noggit allows you to change the heightmap, paint textures, set impassible flags, paint AreaIDs and modify holes. You can also add, place, re-size, copy, paste, and delete models as you wish.
  • DBC Editor By Death

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    • 7,546
    DBC Editor allows you to easily edit .DBC files instead of the hassle of using a converter.
  • LordCraft-WoW (Trinity - 3.3.5a) Funrealm Repack By Death

        | World of Warcraft 3.3.5a | Trinitycore Chunk Rev. | Repack V.0.2 |   Repack Details   100% Stable (No lag, No crashes) 98% Bug free. Spells work 97% (average) ICC works 90% (Gunship - Unavailable . Lichking - Available not 100% Scripted) Ruby sanctu
  • WoW Legion 7.1.5 Repack By Death

    Features  All expansions content available   level 110                                                                                     Legion Zones                                                                 Playable Demon Hunter                                                           Legion Raids and Dungeons  Working dungeons and raids                                                Working Battle Grounds and Arenas                                     This is
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