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  2. OMGhixD

    Hello all !!

    Welcome to MMO-Society We are glad you find our Forum Board useful! Please do not hesitate to contact Staff if you run into any problems and or have any questions.
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  4. ------------- UPDATE : May 18 ,2019 ------------------ 6 Days left until live server will be release ! What To Expect immediately at launch ? - Realm name: Legacy (Live). - Transmogrification : allows you to change the appearance of an item to another item . You can use any item in your bags as source of display, as long as it fits the requirements. - SoloDungeon ( Is dedicated to players who no longer like to level up) If we increasing the XP rate in the game and when we get to level 80 your Items gear is very bad , therefore creating this SoloDungeon you will have level 80 fast and good items gear to start next progression server . - Rates: x5, Start money : 300 G , Character knows all flight paths . - Flight paths will take players to their destination instantly instead of making them wait while flying. - Now you can make 3 Death Knight characters per realm. - Suggestions : What about make Reforging on our server ? Reforging allows you to exchange 40% of an item’s stat value to some other stat - on 3.3.5 patch. You can use any item in your bags as source of display, as long as it fits the requirements. The system is dynamicly using all items - custom items work by default. The changed stats of an item can be shown on item tooltips, however due to the game’s limitations all items of same entry share the changes. The system is designed to be blizzlike otherwise. Any feedback is welcome. - Dungeon Finder enabled. - Complete rework of Vanilla, The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King quests. Great extent of detail, fine touches and exquisite visual work went into making the quests . - All seasonal and world events fully scripted and available. - Legendary quest chains pertaining to Shadowmourne and Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings are fully scripted and are scheduled be fully released. - Several class fixes and several issues in regards with PvP resolved. - Raids , Dungeons and working content HERE . - All dungeons in the game have been scripted completely, have their respective mechanics, RP events, achievements and rewards. And much more will come soon .... stay tuned ! With big pleasure BattleWorld Staff
  5. We are already in the final stretch of version 1.0.3, to take the step to 1.0.4, I leave a short list of the many changes we are going to make. Forums: implementation of the Panel mod, in its entirety. Implementation of add and remove reputation buttons. Implementation of the permit system (It is not yet very finished, it goes with GMLevel). Implementation of moderation functions. Implementation of the Warnings system. Store: Store now allow buy multi-items Items can buy in quantity Implement items type (items on chain, money, level, rename, customize, change race - faction) [will need test] Implement items price type (dp, vp, dp and vp) Store now allow category by realm AutoUpdate (Now in Fixed Curl Errors in Wampp.
  6. Babylon


    Yep, absolutely amazing video!
  7. puyps

    Hello all !!

    I am new here ! Find this forum while searching on internet and I'm glad this kind of things still exists. Have a nice day everyone !
  8. nice to see the music section lighting up
  9. Caden


    Very nice job to the director of the video
  10. Last week
  11. Our partnered Cataclysm Server has Open Beta in 20 minutes! You are more than welcome to hop in and enjoy the fun: https://www.project-nightfall.org/register
  12. Had no idea what to name it.
  13. One of the reasons why i like Sabaton. They tell a story with their music and i absolutely love it.
  14. Good song. Thank you for sharing 😃 - Also, War history is quite interesting. It isn't good and should never have happened. But it is still interesting and a bit fascinating.
  15. Finally, he is doing server reviews. It's a good reviews, very detailed and an interesting read, keep it up!
  16. Best of luck with your private server! I hope everything works out.
  18. Hello everyone! I'd just like to share this series with you all. It's a series where this guy finds a whole lot of scary internet stories, or finds stuff from around the internet that seems to be a tad "dark" of a sense. It's really good, well made and nice to watch along with some WoW Gaming or some other chill games such as Cities: Skylines. I hope you'll enjoy it. Check out Nexpo on youtube. I suppose this isn't for extremely sensitive viewers.
  19. Quite a strange name for such a nice project, looks very good! Keep up the good work, love to see more of this project.
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